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Here at AMS4fitness, I offer a combination of community classes based in the Waterlooville area of the U.K.

and I also have an online option

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Classes include




Boxercise is based on the training concepts boxers typically use to keep fit, which includes boxing movements, such as different types of punches.  It’s perfect for beginners this has been very popular among my ladies, who not only see this as a good fitness and weight loss technique, but also a fun class.

High-intensity interval training,(HIIT) is a form of interval training, a cardiovascular exercise alternating short periods of intense  exercise with recovery periods, These classes really help you burn fat, and the effects on your metabolism last for upto 24hours after you have finished.

Exercises involve completing reps using a different equipment such as weights, bender balls or resistance bands, and are designed to help strengthen and tone your muscles. this class will help with conditioning, toning and sculpting your whole body.

Fitness Pilates

Fitness Pilates is more functional approach to traditional Pilates. It still applies the main principles of Pilates but it also involves more functional movement for everyday life.  

Fitness Pilates will improve overall body strength with the main emphasis on your back and core muscles. It will also help to improve posture, mobility, joint problems and tone your body.


The Kettleblast workout is designed to tone and shape every muscle in your body, as well as keeping you healthy, all in short "blasts" Kettleblast is an unique, energising workout that enables you to tone your whole body.. And it's great fun too!

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