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What do I


You should

  • Wear comfortable clothing suitable for exercise

  • Wear well fitted trainers (not barefeet)

  • Bring a drink of water in a leak proof bottle

  • Bring your own equipment if you have it such as an exercise mat, band or kettlebell

  • A small hand towel is always useful

  • Wear a smile

What will it


My Fees are

Pay as you go (per class)-

£7.50 class + nutrition club

Exercise class only £5.00


Premier Club pay monthly,

unlimited exercise classes each week £30.00

includes nutrition club, our most popular and effective membership!
Saves £££££££££s!

What will Happen

At Class

What Happens at class -

Classes last for an hour and 15mins. In the first 30 minutes everyone gets weighed, individually in privacy (optional). This is also where you catch up with old or new friends in a relaxed atmosphere. New members very quickly settle in and become part of the group. And it includes a 5 minute talk on motivational ideas or diet tips etc.

This is followed by a 45 minute exercise session. This session caters for all ability levels so don’t worry if you haven’t exercised for a long time, if ever.

Making mistakes is all part of the fun.

So smile laugh and enjoy!

The class is so friendly, including me in the coffee mornings after we have finished on a Monday, that was almost within the first month of joining. I love being retired and have never been bored but this has enhanced my week and is doing me so much good too, what a bonus.


Thanks for your motivation and dedication, I cannot lose weight on my own so have found the perfect solution and made new friends too.



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