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Classes - What do we do

Below you will find a small sample of what we offer at AMS4Fitness

Traditional Aerobics

Traditional exercise to music, repetative moves to get your heart rate up and get you moving, The orginal and best!



Don't worry, you don't need to know how to dance, This class offers exercise based on traditional Salsa moves with a latin vibe.



A fantastic complete body workout using a kettle bell, I will show you the correct technique. This one of my most popular classes get results fast



Boxercise is based on typical boxing movements, such as different types of punch. It’s perfect for beginners this has been very popular among my ladies, who not only see this as a good fitness and weight loss technique, but also a fun class.


LBT - Legs Bums & Tums

Does exactly as is says, a class that focuses in on those problem areas, legs bums & tums.,

Healthy Salad


Here at AMS4Fitness we have our own in house nutritionist, who produces all of our weight loss & healthy eating plans, containing tasty everday food.



Here at AMS4Fitness we like to use a combination of equipment when we tone, traditional hand weight, bender balls and resistance bands. We can guarantee you a good whole body tone



A class offering lots of different exercises, moving from one station to another, using a variety of moves and equipment, from squats and burpees, to a toning band resistance exercise, always something for everyone.

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